Project Management Documentation / Network Diagrams

A Network Diagram displays project schedule activities in a logical order to show relationships or dependencies between all tasks. As it is always drawn from left to right to reflect work chronology, network diagrams can quickly become long and tedious to view. For large projects, network diagrams are often broken down into fragment networks. This requires effective templates and a high degree of organization in order to quickly locate the task in question, especially when the project consists of numerous similar deliverables.

Example of a simple Network Diagram:


A BioEdge Consulting project manager can work from an existing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or with a project team to identify the relationships between all project activities, which can then be organized into a logical easy-to-follow network diagram. We can assist with any project size and can offer a variety of network diagram style choices (e.g. Precedence Diagramming Method or Activity-On-Node) to highlight the information most critical to your project.


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